Residential Life

Vassar calls the residences “houses” rather than “dorms” because they’re meant to be the students’ homes, not just a place to stash their stuff. Each house has a personality, created by the students who live there, and there’s a tradition of friendly rivalry between houses.

Each house is self-governing and self-directing, with leadership provided by the house team. The house team includes the following:

  • one or two house fellows — faculty members and their families who live in the house and play a major role in the intellectual and cultural life of the house
  • several student fellows — sophomores who are chosen and trained by the dean of students and then assigned to small groups of first year students to make the transition to life at Vassar as smooth as possible
  • house intern — a junior or senior who coordinates the activities of the student fellows
  • house advisor — a member of the Residential Life staff who serves as a liaison with the college administration and coordinates programming
  • student officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and freshman representative) who are elected by the house and also represent the house on the Vassar Student Association Council

Most students live in the same house from their first year until they’re seniors (or occasionally juniors), when they become eligible to live in one of the college’s three furnished apartment complexes. Within easy walking distance of the library and academic buildings, these apartments house four to five students, each with his or her own bedroom.

To learn more about residential life and to read descriptions of the specific houses, visit the Residential Life website.