Student Organizations

All students are members of the Vassar Student Association (VSA), which is funded by the student activity fee and run by elected student leaders. At most schools, the student activity fee goes into the campus activities office budget. At Vassar, 100% of the activity fee goes to the Vassar Student Association. They decide how to distribute the money (well over half a million dollars). That’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of power, and Vassar students use it effectively.

One of the VSA’s main functions is to oversee extracurricular activities. Any student can begin an organization, but in order to get funding from the VSA, he or she must first get “authorization” — submit a constitution, demonstrate activity for a year, and then come before the council for approval.

The range of student organizations is as broad and as diverse as the interests of Vassar students. There are currently over 170 organizations — club sports, political groups, affinity groups, a photographer’s club, social action groups, newspapers and literary magazines, comedy troupes, an FM radio station, a filmmakers group, environmental groups, and performing groups, among others. To learn more about the VSA or to see a list of authorized organizations, visit the VSA website.