Campus Dining

What’s the one thing that students on just about every college campus complain about? Right. But not at Vassar. One reason (again) is student involvement. There’s a student advisory committee (the Food Committee) that gives Campus Dining a lot of input about what students want. The other reason is that Campus Dining listens, and they go above-and-beyond to make the campus dining experience as un-institutional as possible.

Several years ago, for example, Campus Dining initiated a farm-to-college pilot program to bring fresh, locally grown food to the college — cage-free eggs, hormone-free milk from Hudson Valley cows, fresh produce. Campus Dining hosts special events--kitchen tours, a cheese tasting event, or a midnight breakfast the night before finals begin, to name a few.  To read about the "All You Care to Eat" system or to find out what’s on the menu this week, visit Campus Dining.