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Summertime is often considered the quietest part of the year at a college, but here in Vassar’s Office of Admission we have been very busy. While we were very sad to say goodbye to Nicole Savage ’08 and Greg Wong, we are excited about our two new Admission Officers, Emmett Ingram ’12 and Victoria Lawrence.

Emmett Ingram ‘12 makes his return to Vassar after an intrepid year working at an independent middle and high school in Yarmouth, Maine. His main responsibilities included teaching and coaching, but he also got his feet wet in the world of academic administration by assisting the school’s admissions team. As a VC alum, Emmett’s thoughts often turn to warm memories of studying in the Greek and Roman Studies department, playing intramural volleyball against fellow Admission Officer Eli Stein ‘12, and singing a cappella with the Devils. His ability to communicate his own positive Vassar experience adds flair to his presentations on behalf of the college. For now he’s gearing up for travel to Texas, the Pacific Northwest, and the Mid-Atlantic states. In case that wasn’t enough, Emmett readily accepts the mantle of Class Visit and Overnight Hosting Program Supervisor.

Victoria Lawrence is joining our staff after graduating from Yale this past spring. A varsity swimmer there, she is looking to make a splash at Vassar in our Office of Admission. Although this will be Victoria’s first dip into the world of college admissions, her time spent at Yale will serve her well. She’ll be putting her experience as the social chair for the Yale African American Club and as a Squash Haven (a non-profit organization that uses the game of squash and mentorship to motivate underserved students) Mentor to good use when she assists Catherine Chan on our Multicultural Outreach and campus Transitions program. Furthermore, her experience with the Yale student-run consulting, marketing, and advising firm will be an asset as she helps out in our Social Media department with Eli Stein ’12. A New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL native, Victoria will have a chance to return to her home turf this fall as she travels to the South. In addition, she’ll be in that “New York State of Mind” as she travels to New York City and Long Island. Finally, she’ll make the arduous (ha!) trip all the way down to the sun and sand of the Caribbean.

They’re here already?! The Class of 2017

The 2017 Class of 666 students (yes we know) has arrived and the students are settling in to their lives at Vassar. It is hard to imagine that the summer is over, but with a class like this, it is completely worth it. The Class of 2017 is one of the most diverse and talented classes ever admitted. Coming from very diverse backgrounds, the Class of 2017 represents 47 US States, and 29 foreign countries. Over 37 percent of them self-identify as students of color and 56 percent are receiving Vassar scholarship funding.

In addition to coming from a variety of different backgrounds, these students are also immensely talented and accomplished. Included in the class are business start-up successes, a student who testified before Congress, several Junior Olympians, and even a few who have performed at New York City’s Carnegie Hall. Also included in this class is a student who co-wrote a book that appeared on the New York Times best seller list, a student who can recite over 1,000 digits of Pi, and several who have started their own non-profit organizations.

You can check out the entire class profile on the Hub:

Updates in resources for Volunteers

  • AAP Handbook- One of our summer projects here in AAP has been to update the AAP Handbook, which includes information about all aspects of the Alumnae/i Admissions Program, including interviewing candidates and attending college fairs.
  • Calendar-An updated calendar of all AAP activities for the 2013/14 academic year
  • Fall 2013 Fair Schedule-A list of college fairs which Vassar College representatives are schedule to attend through November
  • Vassar at a Glance-Facts and figures about Vassar which are helpful to review, especially before meeting with students
  • FAQs- We are well aware that lots of students at college fairs and interviews will have similar questions, which is why we have prepared this handy FAQ sheet for you

Thank you for volunteering!

Last but not least, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work y’all have provided in helping to shape this class, and a special thanks to those volunteers who were involved in the summer sendoff parties. The outreach by our alums is incredibly important. Between interviews, college fairs, and the bragging about Vassar that we are sure you do on a daily basis, we wouldn’t be this successful without all of your help. We’re looking forward to working with everyone again in the upcoming admission cycle. Bring on the Class of 2018!

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