Campus Dining

What’s the one aspect of student life is a top priority for most students on nearly every college campus? The food. At Vassar, students are highly involved in the dining program through the Food Committee, a student advisory committee that gives Campus Dining a lot of input about what students want (and don’t want).  Reciprocally, Campus Dining listens, and they go above-and-beyond to make the campus dining experience as un-institutional as possible. Working together, they ensure that students are getting quality food in a variety of locations around campus, and that all dietary restrictions are met.

For example, several years ago, Campus Dining initiated a farm-to-college pilot program to bring fresh, locally grown food to the college — cage-free eggs, hormone-free milk from Hudson Valley cows, and fresh produce.  More recently, students were involved in the selection of a new dining partner, Bon Appétit Management Company and their transformation of campus dining. To read about our new unlimited dining system or to find out what’s on the menu this week, visit Campus Dining.